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Wallpaper adding

You can add your own wallpapers. After uploading they come to the sump. If our moderators or visitors like your wallpapers, they will be moved to the main section. Please do not waste your and our time in vain uploading bad quality wallpapers – because they will be deleted from the site.

Requirements for the wallpapers uploaded file:
- Minimal resolution 1920x1080
- image height should not exceed the width
- Any wallpapers with other recourses’ addresses are not permitted (authors’ addresses are permitted at the discretion of the moderator only)
- Bad quality wallpapers are unacceptable (with obvious artifacts of jpg compression or blurred, enlarged to a higher resolution wallpapers)
- Pornography is not permitted (sensuality is allowed)
- forbidden anime in the genre of hentai (erotic or pornographic)
- It is required to fill the field "Tags" (it is prohibited to upload several wallpapers in a row with the same "Tag’s name")
- It is obligatory to write the name of the game (in English) in "Games" section and specify the car model (in English) in "Car" section.

In the sections "Girls" and "Anime" is forbidden wallpaper just for adults, including:
- almost or completely naked people
- people in transparent or revealing clothes (underwear, swimwear)
- people in obscene or explicit positions
- sexual acts
- links to other sites with adult content
- Breasts, buttocks or crotch closeup.

Possible reasons of removing your wallpapers:
- Violation of the rules listed above
- Your wallpapers are out of date or just because we already have them
- Wallpapers are of no artistic value to other visitors.

Girls, Cars and Sexy wallpapers are checked much longer!

Uploading an image to the website, you acknowledge your copyright in the image being loaded

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